I got a lot of good photos this week, but I’m choosing this one for the weekly snap because it captures a true high point not only of the week, but the semester.  Nico and I presented our scene from Cleansed last Friday, and I’m so pleased with how it went.  I can’t really say too much […]

A lot happened last week.  I’ve got a slew of snaps for you.  We’ve got blue yellow bathing suits,  a metric ton of Sarah Kane, auditions for next year’s acting MFA class, and even a night away from the theatre to listen to some really awesome jazz!  Let’s get to it: Phumi and Eric in chilly […]

I’ll level with you – I was pretty much set on just not posting a snap for this week and saying nothing, but then as usual the Content/Time Paradox of blogging hit me: that is, when you have the least time to post, it’s probably because a ton of good shit is happening.  I’ll get […]

…But not for me.  Tomorrow is the final callbacks for next year’s new crop of acting MFA candidates at Columbia.  All of us current students got an email inviting us to watch the games, which is a turn of phrase I know was intended innocuously enough (seriously – acting exercises) but still called up thoughts […]

This week’s Weekly Snap isn’t a photo.  I’ve posted enough of those lately anyway!  Well ok, there are never too many photos, but this is just much more appropriate right now.  And it shares with you another piece by one of my favorite people/artists, Joey Hartmann-Dow.  I’ve got this guy as a print on my […]

This semester the first years are taking collaboration class with the amazing Anne Bogart, co-founder of the SITI Company and head of directing at Columbia University.  This class involves five out of the six concentrations in the Theatre Department: Acting, Directing, Stage Management, Playwriting, and Dramaturgy (Theatre Management and Production is left out.)  I’ve been […]

As I mentioned last week, I was a little torn about which picture to share with you for Weekly Snaps.  So, I decided to save a few and put them in a more detailed post.  This semester has started out with a bang – heavier workload, several projects just unluckily hitting early, and challenging course […]